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The Woodstock Impressionist Workshop is led by Woodstock NY Impressionist painters E.J. Gold and Zoe Alowan. The group of some thirty artists meets at least weekly to paint plein air in Northern California and to share their work. On these pages, you can see some of the plein air works by artists E.J. Gold, Zoe Alowan, Aviko, Bashoo, S.L. Boyd, Linda Corriveau, William Gleeson, Janna Hart, Richard Hart, Barbara Haynes, Della Heywood, Wayne Hoyle, Beverly Korenwaser, Lin Larsen, Menlo Macfarlane, Patt McDaniel, Claude Needham, Lily Nova, Kevin Parker, Lee Perry, Matthias Schossig, R.C. Trice, Douglass-Truth, Michele Unterleidner, Scott Wellman, Denise Wey,Yanesh and others.