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LINDA CORRIVEAU LINDA CORRIVEAU is a member of the Grass Valley Graphics Group and works with the California Impressionist Workshop, led by Woodstock Impressionists E.J. Gold.
Corriveau is the first to say that she has been very lucky throughout her multi-faceted career as a museum designer beginning with her stint as the Director of one of the most popular exhibits at Man and His World, Montreal, the site of the legendary 1967 EXPO. The glitzy exhibit called Strange Strange World was a true pioneer in the no-manís land of the X-Files. Her most enduring legacy of Strange Strange World will undoubtedly remain the alien she sculpted with the intention of infiltrating popular consciousness with a broader view on extraterrestrial biological entities. And so, began the life of The Man of my Dreams, as she named it. Photos of it began circulating around the world and appeared in documentary movies, newspapers, magazines, films, UFO conferences galore, making it one of the most well-known photos supposedly representing a genuine alien in captivity by the US army. It was believed to be the death mask of such a creature. The Man of my Dreams has become a modern myth.

Museum design led her to work on history museums and the largest palaeontology museum in the world. She has spoken at the annual meeting of the Association for the Advancement of Science, French chapter about new trends in science museums. From there she branched out into television reporting, scientific journalism, book translations, computer manual editing, and editorial consultation. She has also written several art-related books such as Miroís Dream, Pure Gesture, and More Color Less Soul.

Corriveau moved to California where she soon founded a jewelry company whose designs are inspired by ancient Western Asiatic jewelry with multi-media artist, E.J. Gold as her partner. Jewels of Ancient Lands has made a name for itself based on its exquisite designs and fine craftsmanship. Its one-of-a-kind jewelry is sold in museum gift shops and fine galleries throughout North America.

More recently, Corriveau has returned to painting and is profoundly enjoying the art. She is focussing on landscapes and finds it very grounding to paint, especially working outdoors.

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